Trattoria Omero


Located on one of the hills overlooking Florence called Pian dei Giullari, the Trattoria Omero is part of a small and charming village built along the road that went to Impruneta, which has remained practically unchanged over time. The area is very rich in villas and perhaps it was precisely in one of these, Villa Il Teatro, that the theater was located, where the companies of jesters, mimes and comedians passing through the city performed at least since the 14th century.
An area full of suggestive Renaissance villas where perhaps the most famous is Il Gioiello, where Galileo Galilei lived in his last years and died, confined after his trial and abjuration, and assisted by his faithful disciple Vincenzo Viviani and the comfort of proximity to the convent of San Matteo in Arcetri, where his beloved daughter Sister Maria Celeste had taken her vows.


Pian dei Giullari seen from the Torre del Gallo.

Near the place is the Arcetri astrophysical observatory which is a public scientific research center, part of the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF). Starting from the 1930s, the scientific activity of the observatory underwent a broad development especially in the field of solar physics where prominent figures studied or worked at the observatory in this period, including Margherita Hack.

The astrophysical observatory of Arcetri.